Falling Fred

Falling Fred 1.0.16

Freefall as far as you can


  • Simple and easy game play
  • Addictive


  • Ad banner is distracting
  • Environments get stale


Falling Fred is a simple game that requires dedicated timing.

A vertical puzzle game, Falling Fred is centered around moving Fred down a vertical shaft while avoiding hazards like patios, turbine fans, flames, and piping.

Using the accelerometer, Fred is controlled by tilting the phone in the desired direction. Control is not perfect because Fred is free falling and striking obstacles changes the rotation. Cleanly avoiding hazards will increase the speed of the free fall and add one of the thirty plus to avoid.

The goal of Falling Fred is to descend as far as possible, opening new difficulty levels. Visually Falling Fred has an impressive presentation with three dimensional levels and character models. There is a medium amount of gore presented in Falling Fred, but with its cartoon focused style it is over-the-top rather than realistic.

Falling Fred is simplistic in gameplay with the difficulty coming from the response and reaction time. It does become addictive to try to fall as far as possible, but Falling Fred’s one step gameplay could potentially get stale. A smaller problem is the ad-support that Falling Fred contains. The small banner ad does not impose on the gameplay, but the continuous presence is a bit distracting.

Falling Fred is a fun, casual arcade title that accomplishes its goal with ease.

Fixed crash at startup in Samsung Galaxy S2


  • Fixed crash at startup in Samsung Galaxy S2
Falling Fred


Falling Fred 1.0.16

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